Monday, September 02, 2013

Notable links from the summer

In case you missed any of this over the summer:

Fellow Columbia University alumn Travis Irvine's articles:

Bob Murphy debates Warren Mosler at CU Law School:

Ron Paul announced the launch of his own media channel:

YAL National Convention 2013
One hour round-table discussion can be found here:
Ron Paul's speech at the convention can be found at C-SPAN here:

Objectivist Summer Conference 2013
Videos from this year’s presentations:
The Moral and the Practical,” by Onkar Ghate
Objectivism Is Radical (and Applying It Can Be Hard),” by Yaron Brook
Chicago Reach for the Stars,” with Jonathan Hoenig, Shoshana Milgram and Stephen Siek
The Stylized Soul in Romantic Literature,” by Tore Boeckmann
Heroes and Hero Worship,” by Andrew Bernstein
Man’s Life as the Standard of Value in the Ethics of Ayn Rand and Aristotle,” by Gregory Salmieri
State of the Culture,” panel discussion with Harry Binswanger and Yaron Brook
The Politics of Pretend—and Its Impact on the Legal System,” by Tara Smith

In the distant future: The next ISFL conference has been announced. It's not until February 14-16, in 2014.

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