Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Drug Bust Statement

The Columbia University Libertarians would like to express their solidarity for the students who are the latest casualties in the failed American War on Drugs. Chris Coles, Stephan Vincenzo, Harrison David, Michael Wymbs, and Adam Klein are all victims of an unjust system put in place by a government that supposedly preaches freedom and justice. It is not the actions of these individuals that may or may not make them criminals, but the laws that are thrust upon the population. Had these unjust laws not been in place, these individuals would be free to conduct business, legally, and they would have been hailed as business entrepreneurs. The laws in place is what is creating the black market that these individuals may have had to deal with in order to provide a service to a clientele that clearly knew what they were getting themselves into. We believe, no, we know that as long as there is a demand, there will be a supply, regardless of who may provide the supply. This system only serves to empower the most ruthless individuals, like the ones that these five Columbians may have had to deal with, as opposed to the most industrious. The net result is a peripheral crime that does not need to be associated with peaceful business transactions. The actions of one or possibly a few individuals does not constitute the direct involvement with another group of individuals. It is sad that the NYPD would resort to methods of entrapment and impose guilt through association upon these individuals to try to convict these individuals. And may we stress the utmost importance of the old principle of being "innocent until proven guilty".