Sunday, April 19, 2009

Supreme Court to hear strip-search case

The now 19 year old victim is testifying regarding an incident where she was strip searched... in the 8th grade!

Savana Redding recalls being searched in the nurses office because her principal suspected she was hiding ibuprofen in her underwear. This Tuesday the Supreme Court will hear the case with little precedent; the closest case going being a 1980 incident in New Jersey when a girl's purse was searched after she was caught smoking in the bathroom.

The state of California, along with 6 other states, currently prohibit strip searches on campus.

Judge Kim McLane Wardlaw said the vice principal's action defied common sense as well the Constitution.

"A reasonable school official, seeking to protect the students in his charge, does not subject a 13-year-old girl to a traumatic search to 'protect' her from the danger of Advil," she wrote.

"A school is not a prison. The students are not inmates," she added, noting that juvenile prisoners are given more rights than were given Savana.

To read the full story in the LA times click here

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MasoodM said...

....She later met with the principal but left, unsatisfied: "He said you should be happy we didn't find anything."....

Like that destructive drug Advil