Friday, April 24, 2009

Capitalism is good for the environment?

Well, sort of... A recent New York Time article finds that as a country's per capita income goes up their carbon emissions go down. Furthermore, increased regulations on poor countries emissions will hurt the cause in the long run as it will take longer for their economic situation to improve. This new "Kuznets Curve" is leading researchers to believe that wealthy countries naturally cut carbon emissions according to the curve... What do you think?


Sean said...

I think it could be appropriate to mention, here, that the CATO Institute, a Libertarian "think-tank" of some renown in D.C. and (no doubt) broader regions, has dedicated an entire research area to the topic of climate change, namely in regards to discourse about "global warming". I wanted to share the link, hoping that some discourse there might ever serve to be to the common or individual interest.

In my (admittedly) limited research, I think it has come to be apparent that Patrick Michaels would be a particularly notable libertarian/rational spokesperson about the topic. For instance, here is a video at YouTube, showcasing Patrick Michael's assertions in regards to the politics of climate change.

I hope it may be to someone's interest, as I think it is relevant. Here's to the common libertarian cause.

Sean said...

P.S Would anyone connected with this site also happen to be connected with ? Their web site is linked to from a page at, but it appears that there is an issue with regards to the forums registration page, at the site.

I have tried to file an issue report, about it, to the (expected) email address, but it appears that that address is not bound to any email account -- such that, I would like to mention, may violate some common (albeit, perhaps not commonly known) conventions of the web.

As I have understood it, honestly, it would be expected that if a web-site is running at then there would be someone who would be responsible for the administration of the site, someone monitoring an email box on the address, (as a prototype, in the general case). As common of a convention as it would appear to be be (and I must beg pardon, for my lack of citations, in this regard, as I have taken it to be a matter of common knowledge, honestly) but it does not appear to be the case with that individual site, as it would stand, today.

I am afraid it is interfering with the process of that a visitor would file an issue report, in regards to the functionality of the site, and -- in particular -- about an issue, in regards to the forum registration link, in the forums at the site. I think I can honestly be certain that they have not been aware of the issue, to this time. It is my hope that it may be resolved. Perhaps someone connected with this web-log would be able to get in contact with the administrators of that web site? I may so hope, and file my statement, as it were, to the readership of this web-log.

I think that their site looks really nice, it's just that there's that broken forum-registration link, there, such that kind of makes it difficult to utilize their forums, whether to discuss an item of news the have presented, or else, to otherwise engage in discussion, in the Libertarian community. be all formal-sounding about it, as may be.

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