Saturday, March 14, 2009

National Pi Day

The mathematical constant beginning with 3.14159 and signifying the ratio of a circle's circumference to it's diameter, also known as "Pi", is celebrated today by legions of mathematicians and scientists.
Curiously, the Federal government is also interested. On Wednesday, the House of Representatives approved a resolution designating today "National Pi Day." Thankful technology and engineering groups promptly wrote this to Congress: 

"Thank  you for recognizing the importance of math and science education to a knowledge-based economy." 

I'm simply outraged that numbers just as special like Euler's number e and the golden ration phi have been left in the dark. Hasn't it occurred to our lawmakers that setting aside some national recognition for these other numbers would boost math education even more?
Seriously though, if the quality of our math education is linked to Congressional resolutions celebrating numbers, then we are in more trouble than we've realized.  


zbigniew cheezinski said...

I'm wondering why the government even bothered to waste time/money considering pi.

e is a much more important number in my line of work, but I imagine pi is more recognized.

zbigniew cheezinski said...

By the way, Ron Paul voted against this: