Thursday, February 19, 2009

Oh, Canada...

Interesting bit of news from our northern neighbors. Seems like a Canadian transit committee is preparing to ban a Humanist Association ad from running on the public buses. The ad goes: 
On what grounds? Apparently they committee felt that:
"...the language of the ads was specific enough to attract religious debate and polarize members of the community."
Let's simply ignore the cultural debate about the merits of religion in public life. Politically, this just reveals the arbitrary nature of what is allowed and disallowed whenever we have "public" institutions and boards claiming to represent all of "society". Inevitably, they end up discriminating against certain minority points of view, views which may not be able to otherwise be heard due to the monopolistic nature of many of these public services. If it were easier for private companies and institutions to emerge, I'd venture to say that there would be ample opportunities for nearly all viewpoints to be heard - without having to ban certain others.   

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zbigniew cheezinski said...

Religion is necessary for social control. In Canada, there was an active genocide movement carried out by the churches against the native people.

They, in fact, carried out their own holocaust. I think, early in their history, the church was given large land grants. The church today is an institution through which they carry out genocide against the natives.

They have an interest in keeping public faith in religion because it gives some of their religious institutions unquestionable authority in carrying out murder and theft. There was a fellow who wrote a book about this -- again, the URL is here: