Sunday, February 08, 2009

"Democrats Piss Me Off"

I find myself in rare agreement with Eric Cartman. On his blog, Greg Mankiw posted a list of Senators who voted against the "Buy American" provision of the stimulus bill. The closest thing to a Democrat on the list was Joe Lieberman.

I'm no fan of Republicans, but it always seems like whichever party is out of power at the moment seems more principled. I was happy to see many Republicans from protectionist states on the list.

Democrats, please start thinking about what you are doing. I'm not talking to the politicians...they know exactly what they are doing: exchanging votes for campaign contributions from powerful American manufacturing interests. I'm talking to the people who support these corrupt politicians. "Buying American" is a stupid, reckless concept. You might think you are helping out the struggling American factory worker. What you are really doing is telling American citizens, "you are not allowed to buy products overseas." Blocking the beneficial forces of competition and comparative advantage, you are raising prices for manufactured goods across the board. So maybe your factory worker will keep his job for another few years, but every American will have to pay much higher prices for manufactured goods, which means they won't have as much money to spend on food, health care, hybrid cars, and all those other things liberals pretend to love.

Stop destroying America! No one cares about your intentions! Start thinking about the damage you are actually causing.

And please, read this interview with Steven Landsburg entitled "Is Buying American Racist?" (Don't let it's connection with Fox News dissuade's just an interview, and a very good one.)

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zbigniew cheezinski said...

The only problem I have with your argument is that the typical American can't compete with slave/prison labor overseas. The most oppressive regime always wins when it comes down to crazy wages.

American labor vs Indian labor for programming/software is fair trade -- as far as I know, people write software more or less voluntarily in India. American labor vs. some guy in a Chinese prison camp is totally unfair.