Friday, December 26, 2008

"Ludwig von Mises as TIME Person of the Year",9171,1865961,00.html

Congressman Ron Paul, yet again illuminates us with his primary source for libertarian gasoline, the great Austrian economist and political philosopher, Ludwig von Mises.

It is without a doubt that Ludwig von Mises is the intellectual foundationstone of Libertarianism.


Adam S. said...

Woah, CL blog back with a vengeance! Guess I didn't get the memo, but glad to see it.

Pardon the off-topic comment, but I saw the prediction below that the internet will be regulated under the Obama administration about an hour after I read about the Great Aussie Firewall in this morning's paper.

Adam S. said...

Yeah wow I just caught up on the last year of posts. Well done, bloggahz.