Monday, November 03, 2008


After visiting the Ludwig von Mises Institute's Supporter's Summit this weekend and getting a chance to chat with a plethora of libertarian thinkers, Austrian economists and Dr. Ron Paul, I realized that "liberalism" in the strain of Ludwig von Mises and the Austrian School of Economics is right. It proves itself right through self-evident axioms of irrefutable truth.

Dr. Ron Paul's Campaign of Liberty, and his entire political career, is inspired and draws upon the intellectual backbone of the Austrian School of Economics and the life & work of free-market intellectuals such as Ludwig von Mises, Murray N. Rothbard, Nobel Prize laureate Friedrich August von Hayek and Hans Sennholz. Withought these foundations, Ron Paul and many of us would not be writing or reading this post on this site right now.

I think it's time that FEE, FREE and the LvMI are reevaluated and reconsidered as critical sources for the future fight for freedom.

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MasoodM said...

yeah, I never really realized that Ron Paul had such a deep intellectual background in economics