Sunday, September 14, 2008

For the Record

Recently, I've gotten negative responses about much of this blog's content. Many controversial topics have been discussed, and I feel that it is important to clarify the nature of the blog.

First of all, the only issue the club takes an official stance on is the time and place of meetings. Everything else posted on this blog represents the views of the author, and no one else. Feel free to be offended, but not at the club as a whole. As libertarians, we tend to believe in free speech. The blog is a forum for all of our members to share their beliefs. If you are particularly offended by something said here, by all means respond! Attach a comment, or even write an entire post. If you are a member or an alum and want to post on the blog, send me an email and I'll make you a contributor as soon as I can.

I personally believe that the slippery slope of censorship is best avoided, and that this blog should remain a free speech zone. Disagree? I await your response in the comments section.

Or at the meeting! Which is Monday (9/15) at 9:00 PM in 315 Hamilton.

1 comment:

fatrat said...

So what was it? The post about Israel? As far as I know, Petras isn't a hate monger or neo-Nazi. Thus, I thought it was fair game.

If I accidentally pulled an article from an article that is from a known hate-monger, I'll gladly retract it.

Everything else I've posted, I think, can be attacked with opposing viewpoints fairly readily.

Note that while I dislike policies and some political groups, I don't make any active[1] efforts to practice hate-speech.