Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Barr Profiled in the Washington Post

Here's the link. He may not be perfect (wants to leave certain powers to the states which should not be left to anyone!), but he's getting my vote.

I especially like Wayne Root's explanation of why taking votes away from McCain might not be such a bad thing:
"Let's say that Barack Obama is elected president of the United States and let's just say it's because of Bob Barr and Wayne Root," says Root, a sports betting prognosticator, motivational speaker, infomercial star and 100-pill-a-day vitamin enthusiast who has written a book called "The Zen of Gambling" and has never held elective office. In that case, Root says, "four years of Karl Marx" could "so screw up the American economy" that it would lead to an "uprising," bringing the nation back to its small-government senses. Problem solved!

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fatrat said...

I'm tired of the myth that somehow republicans are for more small government than the democrats. It would take a LOT of social programs to rack up the debt obligations Bush did.