Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Or Is It a First Amendment Issue?

It's potentially dangerous, and lawmakers don't really like it.

Oklahomans nevertheless figure their state is better off legalizing and regulating it than driving it underground by passing laws against it. Not drugs -- tattoos.


NeoTechie said...

The first Amendment is easy to violate but hard to uphold. Who watches the watchers?

Tragedy in NYC and beyond

Who watches the watchers ?

Anonymous said...

I watch the watchers.

Anonymous said...

Can somebody run this guy in Pennsyalvania?


"I believe the shitrain's darkest before it clears, and that any of us can make a difference. But I also believe that those of us who should be doing so are part of a huge majority too turned off by the carnival of thugs, saps and swine running the turnstiles in The Big Processes to engage them. Nothing that happens four weeks from now is going to change our lives drastically. The same predictable bought-and-paid-for degenerates are racing for top slots in the Parliament of Whores. A blue or red wrapper doesn't mean much when the bag's full of shit... In this festering cycle, with the gallery of Jesus-shuckers, pork pimps, fear evangelists and entitlement pushers offered in my state, I'm thinking I'll buy some nitrous oxide at Wonderland, sneak a balloon in to the voting booth, suck deeply and mash my hand against the levers like Frank Booth groping Isabella Rossellini in Blue Velvet. "Mommy... mommy..."

Yes... It's that kind of voting year... And I'm a weak man. If I had any conviction, I'd do what a true Dadaist would - what I ought to do... not show up at all."

Kent McManigal said...

Regulating tattoos? Is nothing sacred? This is another case of "who owns you?"