Thursday, December 01, 2005

Waksman hits another home run

Fantastic column by our very own Jeff W. in today's Columbia Daily Spectator.
The way I see it, students on this campus should be natural allies with Jews and Israelis—not their enemies.

Of course, I don’t always understand why political lines are drawn where they are. I will never understand why the political party that is “pro-life” also fights for the death penalty, or why the party that stands for free speech as enumerated in the First Amendment is not the same one that stands for gun rights as enumerated in the Second.

A more local example is the Manhattanville situation, which boils down to the issue of whether the right to private property trumps the right of the state to do what it views as best for the common good. Knowing the tenets of fiscal conservatism and economic leftism, it seems like the sides should be reversed.

Read it in entirety -- right now!

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