Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Barbra, we're not in Hollywood any more

In a move that enraged Barbra Streisand, the L.A. Times reshuffled its roster of columnists, dropping leftist Robert Scheer and hiring (among others) conservative Jonah Goldberg. Streisand fired off an angry letter to the editor announcing that she was cancelling her subscription and attempting to convince the Times that swapping Sheer with Goldberg would "dilute" the "gamut of voices" on its pages.

She never should have roused the beast. Jonah is hitting back.
[T]aking Streisand seriously, we must ask: Is she on crack?

Robert Scheer may be the greatest writer since homo sapiens first scribbled on cave walls, but no serious person can believe that his views test the elasticity of Streisand's "paradigms." He reinforces them, he ladles concrete on them. Scheer confirms all of her biases and reaffirms all of her ill-considered views. Put aside the fact that both Scheer and Streisand are committed leftists who share almost identical views on most major issues. Scheer served as an informal adviser to Ms. Streisand on at least one occasion — when she delivered a speech to Harvard. Streisand, who recently called for President Bush's impeachment, threw a book party for Scheer when his last anti-Bush book came out, and she regularly links to his articles on her always amusing website.

And even if you suspect I don't have the intellectual firepower to burn toast, it's hard to see how my views wouldn't put just a bit of spring in her paradigm. Indeed, it's doubtful that Scheer would even take the time to tell her that "gamuts" cannot be "diluted" or that if you are going to pronounce upon "principals of journalistic integrity" with Olympian pomposity, you might take an extra moment or two to spell "principles" correctly.

. . . Also, Streisand's complaint can't really be that I'm not "forthright" enough. Surely, as she luxuriates in her scented baths, attended to by handmaidens, she doesn't read my columns and then hurl the pages in a rage at her assistant saying, "Damn that Goldberg! He doesn't say what he means!"


Adam Scavone said...

"Barbra Streisand, a lounge singer popular around 1970, has called for the impeachment of George W. Bush and an unspecified number of his colleagues..."

- National Review's "The Week..." December 5


As Streisand surely surmises, we in the warmonger and puppy-kicker community..

Double heh.


In light of the obvious step away from the principals of journalistic integrity, which would dictate that journalists be journalists, editors be editors and accountants be accountants

And lounge singers should be...

columbiadem09 said...

Attributing your misspelling of the word 'gamut' to Barbara Streisand through the use of quotation marks is just a wee bit unethical, don't you think? A quick fix would do this post a world of good...

Jeff said...

He didn't say it was misspelled. He said it can't be diluted. Streisand said: "the gamut of voices has undeniably been diluted."

Clara said...

Oops -- you're right, ColumbiaDem. Misspelling now corrected. (She's the one who USED it wrong.... I'm just the incompetent transcriber.)