Saturday, October 22, 2005

Sometimes a horse is just a horse.

The government of Mongolia gave Donald Rumsfeld a gift horse -- literally -- when he paid a visit to thank the country's military for its 131-troop presence in Iraq.

But the Defense Secretary's plane is ill-equipped for transporting equine cargo, so Rumsfeld arranged to house his new pet with a Mongolian herder until he's able to fetch it sometime in the future.

None of this is the slightest bit interesting, but the New York Times gave it a 600-word article topped with a cheesy, pun-filled headline.

In dazzling sunlight on the grounds of the Mongolian Defense Ministry, Mr. Rumsfeld took the reins of the calm gelding and said, "I am proud to be the owner of that proud animal." He immediately announced that he would name the horse Montana, because the dusty plains and mountains that ring the Mongolian capital reminded him of that Rocky Mountain state.
The entire exchange recalled an ancient era of alliance and conquest, when a warrior's word was law and the long knives were carried in the open.

Huh? Conquest? Warrior? Either this reporter is free-associating, or somebody needs to lay off the Godfather trilogy DVDs.

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Anonymous said...

That wasn't cheese in the New York Times. No way. The favorite flavor of the NYTimes is horse manure. Their reporters dish it up daily.