Monday, July 25, 2005


This is from the online newsletter The Liberator:

by James W. Harris
Americans Forced to Pay U.N. “Globotaxes”?

A worldwide tax -- including American citizens -- to support the United Nations? Taxation without representation for the citizens of a nation founded in revolt against that very concept?

It’s being seriously discussed -- and the supposedly anti-tax Bush administration hasn’t raised a peep. Indeed, the Bush administration is participating in the discussion.

The U.S. government, at the G8 nations meeting earlier this month, agreed to create a working group proposed by France, Germany, Italy and Great Britain to consider carrying out "innovative financing mechanisms" to "help deliver and bring forward the financing needed to achieve the [U.N.’s anti-poverty] Millennium Development Goals.

"Among the "financing mechanisms" to be considered is a "solidarity contribution on [international] plane tickets." This tax would bring an estimated $3 billion or more annually to the U.N.And that’s just the beginning, of course. Notes columnist Frank Gaffney Jr. in The Washington Times:“If the United States goes along with this arrangement in September, it will allow a precedent to be set for taxation without representation that would send America's Founders spinning in their graves. It can forget about the modest constraint its ability to withhold "dues" has exercised on U.N. behavior. It can be sure real U.N. reform will not be in the cards. And it can expect other globotaxes will soon be proposed.”

Like what? Gaffney continues:”The mother of all globotaxes is an idea that has been kicking around the East River for some time and named after the Yale Nobel Laureate who first proposed it, Dr. James Tobin. The "Tobin tax" would theoretically raise an estimated $13 trillion -- yes, trillion -- from a small levy on international currency transactions. Imagine what the One Worlders and U.N. bureaucrats could do to our sovereignty and interests with that kind of wherewithal.”

Concludes Gaffney:“If the Bush administration is unable or unwilling to resist such globotaxes, it will fall to the Congress to do so. With the August recess looming and the U.N. fund-raiser coming right after Labor Day, there is no time to waste.”

Now more than ever, it’s time to get the U.S. out of the U.N.!

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Allen said...

It's sick. Thats why we need to convince people that reforming the UN is not possible, it is merely becoming exactly what it was always meant to become: a tyrannical world government.

The fact that convicted communist spy Alger Hiss was among its founders should be enough to make someone think.