Thursday, May 05, 2005

Four More Years of Blair

Tony Blair won a third term as Prime Minister of the UK today, albeit with a much smaller majority. The news articles are saying that he lost ground for going to Iraq. Now, does that make sense to anyone here? Blair is in the English version of the Democratic Party. Why would people switch to the conservative side (i.e. Michael Howard) because of the war?

Although, now that I think about it, it makes a little more sense. The idea of nation building is an idea that should be held by the Democratic Party (or the equivalent). Remember, in 2000 it was Al Gore who wanted to replace Saddam (a la Clinton's unilateral foray into Bosnia), and Bush who criticized Gore's "nation building." Somehow, the two parties switched sides on this one.

Come to think of it, a lot of the things that Dems & Repubs stand for doesn't make sense. Why do Republicans oppose abortion but support the death penalty? Why do Democrats support the First Amendment but not the Second? How does the party of segregation (the Democrats) get all the black votes while the party that pushed through Civil Rights Legislation in the 1960's (the Republicans) becomes the party of the white southerners.... I'll never get how anyone can think that they are principled by supporting all of the issues with one of those two parties...


Allen said...

That the two major political parties are identical, is quite obvious. They both love the idea of big government.

I don't speak for the Republicans but I can tell you the reason why I oppose abortion and support the death penalty is because intelligent people differentiate between a guilty person and an innocent person. Abortion is wrong because you are killing an innocent life, death penalty is right because you are killing a guilty life. The only position that doesn't make sense, is the one that confuses guilty and innocent.

I believe it was Carroll Quigley, who wrote about the Conspiracy, and said that the political parties are not meant to represent opposing views, they are meant to work towards the same goal though with different ends so that by kicking one party out of office, nothing is actually changed. Incidentally, Quigley was entirely in favor of this.

Clara said...

The reason that Tony Blair supports Bush's anti-terror efforts is this: He's in power. On 9/11, any sitting UK prime minister would have done the same.

The Tories oppose it because they're the loyal opposition; they have to criticize Blair to get ahead. If Margaret Thatcher had been PM these past few years, don't you think she'd be with Bush all the way?

I must say, if I were British I'd have trouble deciding how to vote.

marco said...

LibDem all the way.