Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Debate overload

You can check out Adam and Jeff debating the dems about the ROTC at Columbia here.

You can check me debating the dems about prositition here.

You can check out Allen v CCL on abortion issues, the separation of church and state, and a cure for cancer here.

All this debating has really made me appreciate what an incredibly civil medium blogs are. I personally don't think that if any of these three debates were held in person they would have been half as constructive. It seems to me that blogs are so civil for the following reasons:

(1) You can't cut people off. Everyone who has something to say can say it and debates never end up being as screaming matches, something i'm sure everyone here has had plenty of experience with. (2) Your words are there for everyone to see them. There is no "he said, she said" because your words are recorded perfectly for everyone to see. There is always a record of what people say and accurate quotes are a Ctrc C away. (3) Hyperlinking. It is amazing how much information gets brought up simply by linking to another website. This is not to say that all the information is good, but at least people put their sources out there.

I'm sure there are more reasons out there, but in the end, they all point to a more civil atmosphere for debate.

UPDATE: Woah, there are now 61 combined comments on those threads, and its finals week!


Allen said...

A toast to blogging!

Allison L said...


Can I go back to studying now?