Monday, May 09, 2005

Ahh, low gas prices

A gasoline price war erupted in St. Mary's County last week after one station slashed its price for regular to $1.999 a gallon and spurred three others to follow suit, giving drivers some hope of relief at the pump.

But the price dip proved fleeting.

Maryland regulators quickly stepped in and told the stations that their prices were too low. They needed to go up by 5 cents.

In as much time as it takes to fill the tank of an SUV, prices at BJ's Wholesale Club, Sheetz and two Wawa outlets bounced to $2.049 a gallon.
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Adam Scavone said...

Just a note (and I don't think he had a helluva lot to do with this), keep an eye on Bob Ehrlich, Republican governor of Maryland, in the near future. Don't know if he'll pull it together to run in '08, but if and when he runs for Prez, I'm with him 98% (thats about as good as I can do for any politician). National Review ran a story on him, and he took a good shot at the war on drugs and he boiled the social security debate down to its essence: "a no-brainer."