Saturday, March 26, 2005

You trust these people?

In another example of unbelievable government incompetence, read this article. New York City had to recall its math review books for 3rd to 7th graders, due to a large number of math errors, not to mention spelling and grammar errors:

Several answers in the guide were wrong. There were also sloppy diagrams and improper notation of exponents. There were at least 18 errors in the guide, and grammar and spelling issues proved just as problematic as the math. For example, the word "fourth" was misspelled on the cover of the 4th-grade manual.

School officials blamed the mistakes on an ineffective fact-checker.

"We have a clear protocol for review of all materials," Carmen Farina, deputy chancellor for teaching and learning, said in a statement. "In this case, a member of my staff inexcusably failed to follow our protocol, and I have written a letter of reprimand to the person's file. We recalled the materials within hours, corrections to the guide will be made, and it again will be distributed digitally."

As hard as it is to believe that the mispelled "Fourth" on the cover could have gotten past the authors, the editors, and the printers, it begs to ask the question: Is there any chance that something like this could have been done by Princeton Review or Barrons? Of course not. At a real company you can't just blame all of your problems on some mythical "member of my staff" who didn't follow protocal.

Who wants to trust these people with our retirement, Health Care, and economy??


Clara said...

As a graduate of the American public school system, I find this *really* not surprising.

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