Wednesday, March 02, 2005

That pesky free speech...

China's ambassador the UN criticizes the US for it's Monopolizing of the Internet. He proposes a worldwide body to control and regulate the Internet. He argues that:

"It is of crucial importance to conduct research on establishing a multilateral governance mechanism that is more rational and just and more conducive to the Internet development in a direction of stable, secure and responsible functioning and more conducive to the continuous technological innovation"

Read that paragraph 5 times and tell me if you can discern even the slightest point out of it. I've seen 4th graders bullshit essays with more substance than that. Of course, if there's any place in the world to make speeches with large words and little substance, it's the UN.

The article goes on to explain what parts of the "American monopolized" Internet upset the Chinese:

"China's communist government fears the Internet would dilute Beijing's control over its population, as information passes unfiltered throughout the country and outside of strict government censorship."

Wouldn't that be a shame. Luckily the government is already doing something about it:

"China strictly prohibits any public criticism of the ruling communist party and closely monitors and censors Internet usage. Periodically, Chinese security forces raid Internet cafes and arrest people who violate Chinese rules."

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