Monday, March 07, 2005

Jeff in the Spec

The CCL's very own Jeff Waksman speaks to democrats in today's spec:
On Feb. 12, Democratic Party leaders elected Howard Dean party chairman because he would bring change. Election 2004 proved that the status quo isn’t working for Democrats. The situation is even worse than many Democratic Party leaders might have you believe. Yes, a switch of 60,000 voters from Bush to Kerry in Ohio would have made Kerry president, but a switch of 60,000 voters from Kerry to Bush in Pennsylvania would have made the election a blowout. Meanwhile, Democrats lost all but one competitive Senate race.

Howard Dean needs to bring the party a new message. Actually, the party just needs a message, period. It’s not hard to figure out the Republican agenda. They want to stabilize democracy in Iraq. They want to reform Social Security. They want to make abortions harder to get. They want to ban gay marriage. They want to cut taxes, as well as the budget. Agree with their agenda or not, you have to agree that they have an agenda. Now, what is the agenda of the Democratic Party? They want to prevent permanent tax cuts. They want to stop the war. They want to keep Bush from appointing the judges that he wants. They want to stop Bush from reforming Social Security.

Do you see the pattern here? All the Democratic Party seems to stand for is the status quo. That may appeal to the party base, but it certainly doesn’t appeal to the moderates whose votes are the ones that really matter on election day. It doesn’t matter how riled up people are, because unless they live in King County, Washington, they can only vote once each...

Things may look dire for Democrats, but up is not the only place that the party can go. With empty Senate seats looming in Minnesota and New Jersey, Democrats could lose even more ground in 2006. If Dean is going to take back America, his first step should be to draft a new agenda.


Clara said...

Great job, Jeff! But why are you giving Howard Dean GOOD IDEAS????

Jeff said...

Hey, I love that author - he's my favorite political pundit! :)

howard said...

thanks, jeff!


Adam said...

clara - don't worry too much about giving them good ideas...they've got their hands over their ears and blindfolds over their eyes and they're just running their mouths, trying to say what they want to say while at the same time trying to say what people want to hear, resulting in gibberish and nonsense like "civil unions"

hey, didn't Howard Dean invent civil unions? well, at least when dean kicks homosexuals, he kicks 'em a little less hard, despite that he probably doesn't want to kick them at all. now that's leadership.