Thursday, March 31, 2005

It's the radical leftism, stupid

Columbia professors may be arrogant, dogmatic, and politically biased -- but anti-Semitic? That's a trumped-up charge, in my opinion. And it just might diminish the impact of future accusations. If some goateed academic -- sitting in an office stocked with Chomsky bestsellers, or nodding along at a pro-Palestinian conference led by Joel Beinin -- is an "anti-Semite," what is a Klansman? Extremely anti-Semitic?

I very much doubt that there's a single anti-Semite among the entire Columbia faculty. The MEALAC professors who've lately sparked controversy don't hate Jews; no, they're just very, very left-wing. They're left-wing all the way down the line, on every topic from corporate "greed" to affirmative action.

Could anyone expect these cloistered academics to switch worldviews when it comes to Israel? Well, apparently, some aspiring MEALAC majors did -- and what bitter disappointment they must have tasted.

No amount of committee deliberation, rule-passing, or tolerance-building will change the fundamental problem with most of Columbia's faculty: namely, that these people are on the wrong side of everything.

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Adam Scavone said...

A bit of oversight exercised by the trustees in ensuring intellectual diversity might help, if they'd get some spines and their heads out of their asses.

Today's Sun has a good rundown of the Trustee's involvement (the print version has pictures of all of the trustees, the dates on which they were contacted, and their responses).

And you're absolutely correct - left-wing faculty will make up left-wing committees that hand down left-wing decisions. The right is damn near systematically excluded from the faculty, and particularly from the departments where such intellectual bias and consequent lack of dissent is most dangerous. What we have here is a systemic and structural failure on the part of the University, rather than an isolated problem in a lone department.