Monday, March 14, 2005

"Gestapo" tactics at the airport

If being IDed a the airport strikes you as a gross violation of privacy, you must lead a pretty good life the rest of the time.

Here's a fellow who took matters into his own hands, resisting the airport Gestapo by refusing to show ID to anyone but the personnel of his airline. Wow. What a freedom fighter.

Reason, from whence I stole this link, takes a more positive view of the passenger's antics.

UPDATE: There are more where that man came from, reports the Times.

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Adam Scavone said...

Aren't airports allowed to make "rules" without having the government get involved? "Excuse us, numbnut, welcome to our airport. If you'd like to fly out of here, we want to exercise our 'essential liberty' to know who is flying out of our airport. You have heard of property rights, haven't you? ID please. Otherwise, there are cabs out front and you can take a bus or train to your final destination. Likewise, if you want to build an airport that doesn't check ID, or find one that does, godspeed."