Thursday, March 17, 2005

DEA agent shoots himself (video edition)

The Orlando Youth Minority Golf Association sure doesn't want their members on drugs, and we all know how you can be a minority youth golfer one minute and a drug fiend carrying a gun the next. So when they brought in a DEA agent to let the kids know that drugs lead to guns, and bad things happen with guns, they wanted to be damn sure those kids left convinced.

Make sure you watch the video with the sound on.


Anonymous said...

What's your line I mean what's your position on
*drugs in the workplace
*drugs in brains of or in pockets of cops on the beat
*drugs in college sports
*drugs in pro sports

Do you just say okay 24/7 for anyone, or do you have your own set of righteous safety guidelines re when/where/who.

Anonymous said...

Does he actually shoot himself in the foot? It looks as if he is just shooting down... still very stupid.

As for the non-sequitor comment about when it's ok/not ok to do drugs, I say that it should be left to the market. If an employer wants to discriminate against people based on drug use, let them. Alternatively, if an employer doesn't care about drug use unless it is affecting workplace performance, they can choose the consequences for the employee. Same with sports... let the league make the rules. If people don't like it, they won't watch, and the rules will change.

Adam said...

I'll second the motion to hand that one to the boss. As for cops on the beat, being a government function, I'll come down on the side of no cops on drugs on the beat. First, I don't want any chance for them to screw up, and second, I don't want to give defense attorneys openings that could be costly in financial terms and in terms of letting criminals out on the street. Any defense attorney who says, "But the cop was on drugs!!!" is probably going to be able to sway a jury on at least that point. (Coincidentally, I'm also against cops drinking on the job, though I think we can all sensibly agree that a couple of drugs - caffeine, nicotine - are a-ok on the job).

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