Tuesday, March 01, 2005

A day for the history books.

Today's spec may contain the least leftist op-ed page i have read, ever.

Chris Kulawik writes an opituary for the Democratic party. As well as being pretty funny, he is spot on.
The election of Howard Dean as Democratic Party Chairman makes the party’s transition to the underworld both markedly clear and undeniable. The Democrats have turned to far-left socialism and will not turn back. Although a surprise to many, those of us who oppose this socialist creep are, outside the walls of Columbia, the majority.

Some 40 years ago, Ronald Reagan made the same observation at the height of the failed “War on Poverty.” He cited a depression-era politician, “Mr. Democrat” himself, Al Smith, who, “came before the American people and charged that the leadership of his party was taking the party of Jefferson, Jackson, and Cleveland down the road under the banners of Marx, Lenin, and Stalin. And he walked away from his party, and he never returned until the day he died—because to this day, the leadership [is taking that] honorable party down the road in the image of the labor Socialist Party of England.” The Democrats cannot and will not win any election outside of San Francisco and Vermont until they make a concerted effort to change, to truly make a move to the center and not just take radical liberals and rewrite their careers. Democrats and Republicans alike must admit, Dean is not the man to accomplish this. Dean may be able to raise money from his base of ideological cohorts, but as we all saw in Iowa (a sad finish in third), he cannot even connect with his own party—never mind American voters. As the leader and spokesman of a party in shambles, Dean will continue to push left, issue press blackouts and make idiotic comments (apparently in Dean’s world everyone in the South drives pickups and all minorities work as hotel staff) and in doing so, further ruin an organization established long ago to actually protect man’s rights from an overbearing state.
And Dennis Schmelzer, head of the College Republicans, writes:
As a solution for Democrats, I propose an alternative to Flaxman’s vision: “more talk and more activism.” Take action to help the candidates you support, but also talk more with Democrats that you disagree with, even when they diverge from the party line. Accept their differences as legitimate. Rather than deny their existence, openly debate their ideas. More importantly, in pursuing your own efforts, do not try to stifle theirs.

Upon becoming Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Howard Dean outlined his vision of the Democratic Party, noting that “We all know that we’re the party of the big tent and new ideas.” In light of the Democrats for Bloomberg debacle, I say to those in the College Democrats: prove it.


Clara said...

Hey---you left out the best op-ed of all! =)

Anonymous said...

Yo Zappacosta, good day for the Spec, good day for reason.

Anonymous said...

seriously dawg toot your own horn a lil'!

Anonymous said...

oh i see you already posted it below mybad

anon #one said...

Yo I'm not in your club but I liked the Spec op eds from you guys and the republican guys. At least someone on this campus knows what's up.

Adam Scavone said...

...and the ground beneath the lefty feet crumbles a little further..!

Marco, that op-ed was great the second time around as well as the first. I still love the conclusion - "This is an important debate, let's at least get the facts straight."

President Bush, if you're reading this, and I know you are, don't give an inch - you're right, they're wrong, game over.

For those of you that missed Sunday's NYTimes story on the history of GWB's thoughts on social security, check it out - props to him for reading Goldwater!!!