Tuesday, March 08, 2005

A column of the Times that won't outrage you

Every Monday, the New York Times prints "Metropolitan Diary," a collection of readers' submissions remarking on the unique joys and quirks of NYC life. Here's a funny one from yesterday:

Dear Diary:

The puppets in "Avenue Q" brought back many precious memories, including this one, which I've long wanted to share:

It was 16 years ago and my daughter, Emily Cooperman, age 2½, was an avid "Sesame Street" fan. Seated on the floor in front of the television, she spent a blissful hour watching her favorite show. When it ended, she continued to face the screen as a disembodied voice announced, "'Sesame Street' has been brought to you by Playorena, sponsors of gymnastics programs throughout the tristate area."

Emily turned to me, blue eyes brimming with tears. "Oh, Mommy, that's so sad!"

Confused, I asked her, "What's sad, Em?"

"They threw out the tristate area."

Marsha Weinstein

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