Sunday, February 27, 2005


Although my memories of what happened after Greg Lukianoff's excellent talk are buried under a few pints, I recall some discussion of organizing a CCL trip to a shooting range.

What kind of interest would there be for such an event among blog readers? I know a lot of people who aren't involved with CCL and would be very down for such a trip. It could generate a lot of interest in Libertarians on campus, and at the very least would get our group a lot of publicity.

To get the organizing started, I just checked Yahoo! Local for shooting ranges in the area, and there are two in Manhattan, one in Westchester (HOLLER) and three in North Jers.

Seventh Regiment Rifle Club
(212) 772-7219
643 Park Ave
New York, NY 10021
2.1 mi S - Directions

West Side Rifle Pistol Range Inc
(212) 929-7287
20 W 20th St
New York, NY 10011
4.1 mi S - Directions

Mt Vernon Shooting Center
(914) 664-6611
174 Gramatan Ave
Mt Vernon, NY 10550
11 mi NE - Directions

North Jersey Gun Club Inc
(973) 227-1139
488 Horseneck Rd
Fairfield, NJ 07004
20 mi W - Directions

Florham Pistol & Rifle Club Inc
(973) 377-4272
90 Brooklake Rd
Florham Park, NJ 07932
22 mi W - Directions

Thunder Mountain Skeet & Trap Sh...
(973) 962-6377
Ringwood State Park
Ringwood, NJ 07456

Field trip, anyone?


Adam Scavone said...

I'm in!

Clara said...

"You'll put your eye out, kid!" -- A CHRISTMAS STORY

Anonymous said...

Join like Teddy!
Theodore Roosevelt, Harvard College Class of 1880, was considered odd by his classmates, at least at first. The naturally ebullient, excitable young man with the high, breaking voice and the thick-lensed spectacles simply could not master the current standards of "cool" in the Harvard of the 1870s, neither the slow, lazy "Harvard drawl" nor the shuffling "Harvard swing." Undeterred, Roosevelt pursued his activities with characteristic enthusiasm - boxing, rowing, and birdwatching, founding a whist club and a finance club, and joining the Natural History Club and THE COLLEG RIFLE CLUB.

He was, nevertheless, still thought of by some as "eccentric," and others went further, calling him "half-crazy." Perhaps the small zoo he kept in his room, consisting of lobsters, snakes, and a huge tortoise had something to do with it.

we can do this said...

The “gun club,” as some of its members lovingly refer to it, is a new addition to the extracurricular offerings at HLS. The club got its start last September when second-year law student Sasha Volokh decided to address what he saw as a serious problem on the HLS campus—the absolute lack of lethal firearms.

With assassin-like resolve, Volokh undertook the numerous tasks necessary to inaugurate an official campus organization. He solicited members by placing fliers in student mail boxes at HLS and recruited a faculty adviser, Richard Parker, who is Williams professor of criminal justice. He then drew up a formal club constitution and solemnly pledged to the HLS general counsel that the gun club would restrict its gun-related activities to off-campus venues.

O said...

Gunshots in New York City usually mean trouble. But at the West Side Rifle and Pistol Range, Manhattan's only private firing range, the bangs and booms of gunfire are sounds of recreation.

Located in the basement of a Chelsea office building, the firing range gives New Yorkers a place to shoot - legally and safely. For years, shooting enthusiasts, hunters and law enforcement officers have come to the range for target practice. Lately, corporations and social clubs are joining them by renting out the range for events. Couples are even coming on dates. And gun-owner rights advocates are finding the place an ideal spot for spreading their message.

Bullz I said...

Great idea.