Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Vaclav Havel for UN Secretary General

Let's join in with the Volokh Conspiracy, Glenn Reynolds, and who knows who else, in finding a suitable replacement for Kofi Annan.

Vaclav Havel on the New EU Policy Opposing Human Rights Activists in Cuba


marco said...

Matt Welch has a great piece about Vaclav Havel in Reason.

Adam Scavone said...

Michael Badnarik for head of the U.N.!

It wasn't until December that it occurred to me that I never did tell my parents that Badnarik wanted to bulldoze the U.N.

He would have won if, any time anybody asked him an Iraq question, he simply responded by saying he wanted to bulldoze the U.N. My mom was one of those "hold-your-nose-and-pull-the-lever-for-Bush-because-
Kerry's-a-scumbag" people, and when I finally got around to telling her that lil' bit about Michael B., she told me she might have switched her vote!

Adam Scavone said...

ok, "would have won" is a little strong.

"somebody might have noticed him" is more accurate.