Friday, February 04, 2005

It's Getting Better All The Time

The liberal-leaning Israeli daily Haaretz has published the story on an Israeli journalist of Iraqi descent who went to Amman to vote. The article has some interesting memories from Iraq's past, and a lot of hope for the future. An excerpt:

all the members of the committee crowded around me and pored over my Israeli passport, but were especially fascinated by the 1951 Iraqi laissez-passer. They gazed at the photograph of my grandparents and complimented me on their Iraqi appearance, noting that I look rather less Iraqi. I knew that. When they came to page six of the document, they stopped and conversed among themselves in Arabic.

Above the group portrait of the brothers and sisters something is stamped in Arabic and adorned with the curlicue signature of an Iraqi official. "Do you know what is written here?" one of the women asked me. I know, because Uncle Menashe told me, but I nevertheless ask her to translate.

"It is written here that they are allowed to leave Iraq, but can never come back," she said.

"And what is your opinion of that?" I ask.

"That was then. Today Iraq is something else," she replied with a smile.

Whole thing here.

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Clara said...

Thanks for posting! I'm having a good feeling about the Iraq situation. Still think we need to wrap the bodies of captured insurgents in pigskin to discourage future abuses, but that's just my little theory.