Thursday, February 17, 2005

I heart LHS

Harvard has posted the full transcript of Lawrence Summers's talk on "diversifying" the math/science workforce.

How did a guy with the PC tolerance threshold of AEI's Charles Murray rise to the helm of Harvard University? This witch hunt has been a long time coming, I'd imagine.

UPDATE: Friday's NY Times has an article on the grave situation at Harvard -- the "linger[ing] furor," as the Times matter-of-factly reports. But where all the jilted female academics tendering their resignations? Where are the Harvard students marching in the streets and holding sit-ins? We saw more outrage at Columbia last year when The Fed printed that stupid cartoon.

Okay, so maybe 99% of Harvard affiliates were not grossly offended by Summers' speculation that men and women are different. But lo, the Times quotes, like, two people who were -- Cornel West (fired by Summers) and some other guy:

"What bothers me is the consistent assumption that innate differences rather than socialization is responsible for some of the issues he talks about," said Howard Georgi, a physics professor who has been part of a successful effort in Harvard's physics department to recruit more women for tenured positions.

"It's crazy to think that it's an innate difference," Professor Georgi added. "It's socialization. We've trained young women to be average. We've trained young men to be adventurous."

Whoa, Mr. Physics! Larry Summers didn't assume anything. In fact, he listed and carefully described three distinct possibilities for why men outnumber women in science and engineering.

It's crazy to think that an Ivy-League physics professor would shut himself off to fact-based analysis like this. And if he's so interested in boosting the raw number of physics professors with girly parts, why doesn't he hand over his job to the first female who applies?


Staedelin said...

When radical fems get keen on setting academic males ablaze, perhaps call it a warlock hunt?

Anonymous said...

Your female blogger proudly stating that she "hearts" anti-PC male for speaking frankly about gender outcomes in math/sci.
CCL Blog = way cool. I'm on board.

Hey Clara Here's More: said...


A transcript of Harvard President Larry Summers’ infamous remarks has finally been released and a CPAC blogger [see link] dismantles it and figures out what really so unhinged the femleft about Summers’ unguarded moment.

We've Got Our Differences said...

"We now know that on MRI and PET scanning, women's brains look very different from men's even when performing the same tasks."
-Michael Gurian citing Ruben Gur, M.D.

Vive La Difference said...

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Richard Halley said...

Yes! This blog should have a soundtrack!

Anonymous said...

CCL Blog = way cool. I'm on board.spread the word

Anonymous said...

Yale News report: "Protesting Yale President Richard Levin's silence regarding controversial statements made by Harvard President Lawrence Summers, more than 100 members of the Graduate Employees and Students Organization marched to Betts House this afternoon to criticize the treatment of women and minorities at Yale."

Why haven't Lionettes been marching through Morningside in solidarity against Sommers. Female grad students here more enlightened than ph.d. candidates in new haven?