Thursday, February 10, 2005

Fiscal responsibility, drug war style

Back in 2000, Congress decided to end this drug problem once and for all by funding more than $1 billion for spraying glyphosate (Round-up, concentrated) on Colombian coca fields (and coca farmers, and the food of coca farmers, though they deny all that, much to the dismay of the late Senator Paul Wellstone, who was sprayed when inspecting the spraying).

It's 2005, and the program was scheduled to end this year, but since this is the drug war, and since this program, like all of the other drug war programs, has been an unmitigated disaster and complete waste of taxpayer dollars, the Bush budget includes another $332 million to fund it. With military assistance that will be included in the military budget, total aid to Colombia for 2006 alone should rise to over $740 million.

Check out for a beautiful new website dealing with the whole mess.

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marco said...

Not to mention that now with all the spraying we have naturally selected for roundup resistant coca plants. At first it was thought that the planters hired a geneticist to splice the gene in, but it turns out they did it the old fashion way: seeing what survived the spraying and only planting trimmings from that plant.