Tuesday, February 22, 2005

"Eventually, there won't be any tax base, because all Americans will be jobless!"

Last night my Global Economy class had an outside-of-lecture movie night. We sat through this, the silliest excuse for a documentary that I've ever seen.

Today in class, the filmmaker--who, by the way, has probably never cracked open an economics textbook in his life--will be our *guest speaker* on the perils of outsourcing Our Jobs to those wascally foreigners.

I will KEEP YOU POSTED after I tear this moron to shreds.


Adam Scavone said...

get 'im Clara!!

off to new mexico for 36 hours, back thursday, peace

Tao said...

I thought the film was silly, and although this goes against everything I've learned, I think one of the interviewees made a good point when he said we have to keep manufacturing in this country.

I, for one, am terrified of a world where all manufacturing is done in Asia and the US is a country of bankers, lawyers, and academics.

Clara said...

Ah yes, lawyers.... As a friend of mine once put it, "The legal profession will never be outsourced. Lawyers won't let it happen."

Heck, they have separate bar exams for each state. You can't *outsource* law from New York to New Jersey.

Tao, outsourcing doesn't frighten me a bit. Won't factor prices equalize anyway, down the road. (Okay, down the *long* road....) Until they do, we get cheaper stuff.

Clara said...

UPDATE: Mission accomplished, thanks to the fact that at least two thirds of my class turns out to be radically pro-free trade.

You guys really should have been there. Even the *professor* was beating up on that poor socialist. I thought the guy was going to storm out crying after he called our prof "naive" and got all red in the face. Then he said we're facing a dim global future with "too many workers and not enough work to do."

Copies of his film and book were available on sale after the lecture. *cough* *cough*

Anonymous said...

Nice link re indiv rights (globalism & free trade) vs protectionism:


Tao said...

His book is fascinating in how much it has managed to enrage me. Every time I finish a page, I want to go kill something.

This guy simply hasn't taken any Econ classes. Or read any Econ books. Or read anything else other than the People's Weekly World.

Clara said...

I know, seriously. He's almost as big a sucker as the guy who shelled out $5 to buy his book.