Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Back to T-shirts

I really like the idea of selling t-shirts. I want to keep this discussion going cause the more clever the more we'll sell. Keep the ideas coming.

Some attempts:
(These are slogans for the back. The front will say Columbia Libertarians or have the crowned-liberty image)

It's all about the Hamiltons, baby
(The founding father could be changed... anyone have an idea as to which one was the most pro-liberty?)

Make money money

Peace. Property. Prosperity.

Because you know what's best for yourself.

Legalize Everything

Choice is Good

Freedom: It does a people good

Tax is Wack
(ala Keith Harring)

Just some ideas. Thoughts?


Adam Scavone said...

We could adapt this Gadsden flag Bureaucrash t-shirt and put "COLUMBIA LIBERTARIANS" on the sleeve where it says "BUREAUCRASH" (or some place else)... i'd also rather have the design on the back...anyway, just a suggestion.

It's licensed under a Creative Commons license, though I'm not sure putting a flag that's a couple hundred years old and well part of the public domain and then adding your groups' name to the sleeve entitles you to a license...

Shane said...

:) Actually, the Bureaucrash design changes the original up a bit: The phrase "Liberty or Death" is displayed across the center of the logo, with the snake graphic splitting the phrase. The original Gadsden flag, you'll recall, has the words "Don't Tread On Me" scrolled across the bottom.

Subtle, it's true, but different-enough to make it our own.

...still, I'm sure if you asked Heather real nice, she could probably work something out for you - either licensing the artwork, or possibly even arranging to have the shirts produced for you. You can reach her at contraband at bureaucrash dot com.

Crasher Shane
"Minister of Truth" for the Bureaucrash Activist Network
Shane at Bureaucrash dot com