Monday, January 10, 2005

Who WOULD defend NCLB without being paid?

You've probably heard about the Armstrong Williams scandal. Williams is a conservative columnist who praised No Child Left Behind and other programs on the Bush agenda. Now, he's revealed to have a conflict of interest because his TV program ran paid advertisements for NCLB from the Department of Education.

It doesn't seem a big deal to me. Where else should these ads run--some left-wing station? Join-the-Army-now ads probably run on Fox News Channel, and when Fox people tell us to "support the troops," no one says that they're being bought off.

But the best word on this story belongs to NRO's Kathryn Lopez:

I remain insulted no one has offered me money to promote a flawed federal program to Americans with Spanish surnames. Or to women. Or anyone.

UPDATE: Whoa, was I ever wrong about what Williams did. USA Today reports that he had a $250,000 contract with a PR firm requiring the pundit "to comment on Bush's program on his TV and radio show, to interview Education Secretary Rod Paige and to produce radio spots that aired on his show."

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marco said...

Well, now he has lost his column.