Sunday, January 23, 2005

Some sensibility about the Summers fiasco.

Eugene Volokh points to an article in Slate by William Saletan, an excerpt:

Let's be clear about what this isn't. It isn't a claim about overall intelligence. Nor is it a justification for tolerating discrimination between two people of equal ability or accomplishment. Nor is it a concession that genetic handicaps can't be overcome. Nor is it a statement that girls are inferior at math and science: It doesn't dictate the limits of any individual, and it doesn't entail that men are on average better than women at math or science. It's a claim that the distribution of male scores is more spread out than the distribution of female scores—a greater percentage at both the bottom and the top. Nobody bats an eye at the overrepresentation of men in prison. But suggest that the excess might go both ways, and you're a pig.

Whole thing here.

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Clara said...

1. Womyn are better at everything. Deny that, and you're a chauvinist pig.

2. If the tables were turned, can you imagine a male academic having a hissy-fit and running out of the conference room?