Sunday, January 09, 2005

NY Times' new target: anti-EU Brits

Some Britons, the kind who own Cowboy Capitalism, favor free markets, and don't want global tests for UK foreign policy, have voiced concerns about signing Britain over to the European Union.

But according to the Times, it's all about tea and bigotry.

The European Union can be a convenient scapegoat for the end of a world of cooked breakfasts, drafty houses, nondecimal currency and afternoon tea and its disorienting replacement by a world of gay rights, immigration, espresso and laws against smoking. There is a strong mood of longing for the past among Britons.

Do I detect a note of condescension?


Anonymous said...

Clara, the UKIP is pretty out there. The article is condescending not because of their conservatism but because of their fringe kookiness. I think the US Libertarian Party is pretty ridiculous, and I'm a libertarian. The Times article you're linking to was written by the Weekly Standard's Christopher Caldwell, not exactly a lefty.

Clara said...

Blimey, you're right! I knew Caldwell's name rang a bell.... Still, he's awfully hard on the anti-EU movement. If I were a Brit, I would fight "integration" tooth and nail, too. He seems to think that's a silly position to take.

If you ask me, the Weekly Standard has been pretty "out there" too lately.