Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Won't Get Fooled Again

From the Jewish Telegraph Agency:

Anti-Semitic graffiti in a Ukrainian city may be a political provocation aimed at discrediting presidential challenger Viktor Yuschenko.

Slogans reading �Kikes get out of here!� and �Yes, Yuschenko!� were spray-painted over several buildings and the World War II memorial in the city of Chernigov early this week, days before Sunday�s presidential election. �I believe that it is an anti-Yuschenko provocation,� said Irina Lipkina, a Jewish leader in Chernigov. A leading member of Parliament told JTA he agrees: �This is a dirty provocation,� said Gennady Udovenko, head of the Ukrainian Parliament�s Committee on Human Rights and Ethnic Minorities.

I've been following this election pretty carefully, and it's incredible to see how wise the Ukranians have been to Yanukovich's dirty tricks. Maybe it's the internet, or perhaps its their yearning to get away from Putin's grasp before turning into another Belarus, which is a dictatorship whose stalled economy is increasingly reliant on Russian aid (mostly in the form of free energy).

Of course, there are some legitimate reasons to support Yanukovich. Yuschenko's opposition movement (like many of the post-Soviet independce movements) is associated simulataneously with pro-Western Democrats and Ukranian nationalists, leading some minorities (Russians and Jews, for instance) to feel that the stability and safety they have under Yanukovich is worth closer relations with an undemocratic and domineering Russia.

But it's not that simple. As for Ukraine's Jews, they're split between young and old.

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Adam Scavone said...

At least Putin appears to have settled down.