Sunday, December 19, 2004

Spamming the spammers

Great stuff. (Via the Corner)


Adam Scavone said...


[From the spammer in Senegal] Dear Dr. Brad,

It would be okay if you can make it over this weekend. But any time beyound this weekend is not suitable for me as we shall be busy in the office doing checks and balances of end of year 2004 fiscal transactions. . .

[From the smartass in the U.S.] Dear Princewill Fortune Boneradventure:

I understand about checks and balances. Until recently, the U.S. government operated under that very system. Anyway, we are in luck. There is a flight that departs Los Angeles on Friday...

Clara said...

No, no -- get this:

Thanks for telling me about yourself. Such a sad, sad story! (My feelings are best expressed in Pig Latin: "Ouyay reaay aay iarlay ndaay aay raudfay!" Translated this means, "Your terrible plight makes me weep like a raging faucet.") In fact, my restaurant customers are quite upset with the soggy tacos and waterlogged pizza I've been turning out since you began e-mailing me. Please send me your photo, so I can hold it close to my trembling heart. I will do whatever necessary to assist you, but let's act fast
because my Kleenex supply is running out.