Wednesday, December 15, 2004

So close to the socialist dream, and yet . . .

You almost have to laugh to keep from crying. Via LGF.


Anonymous said...

BTW, this is Dan. I'm posting under anonymous because I don't feel like creating an account (hey, three minutes is three minutes).

That video was so sappy and bitchy it almost made me get a yeast infection.

HOWEVER, socialist dream? Surely that is hyperbole. I know you're a right-winger, but c'mon, was there really that much difference between Bush and Kerry? We get one bad medicare plan under Bush, and would have gotten some other shitty plan under Kerry. There are certainly some differences, but socialist? Let's not throw around titles like that.

Clara said...

You have a point, Dan. But I stand by my terminology. If you look at the platforms of Kerry and Edwards, they're basically calling for income redistribution, hyper-regulation of businesses, raising the minimum wage, etc. Bush (at least) promises to scale that stuff back.

I know Bush isn't as Libertarian as we'd like... but look how well Libertarians do in the polls. Bush wants to free capitalists to do their thing - but he also wants to win. I don't really blame him for that.