Monday, December 13, 2004

The Shadow University: The Betrayal of Liberty on America's Campuses

I just got a signed copy of this book in the mail completely unsolicited. So my first thought was, wow, these guys are desperate for speaking gigs. But after reading some Amazon reviews, maybe we should invite them. Here is one of the reviews:

The Shadow University by Kors and Silverglate presents a meticulously documented and chilling account of the infringements on free speech, free association, free thought, and due process forced onto students and politically incorrect faculty at some of this country's most prestigious colleges and universities. It also shows how shallow are the efforts of campuses to showcase "diversity" of culture when the real role of a college or university should be to present and protect diversity of ideas.

The book documents how the lack of basic civil rights on campuses is generally unknown outside of the closed academic society and how courts have consistently ruled against the colleges and universities on basic constitutional grounds when their policies, such as speech codes, have been challenged.

The stories recounted in the book show the duplicity and hypocrisy of many college administrators and some faculty. Fortunately, common sense and a faith in basic rights of free speech and due process can correct the problem, but only if enough people recognize the threat to freedom on campus. This book should be required reading for all college administrators, trustees, and faculty, as well as being highly recommended for all students and parents. We owe Kors & Silvergate (and groups such as the ACLU) a great debt of gratitude for their efforts to restore and preserve freedom on campus.

Anyways, if you want a copy of the book, they are going used off Amazon for 2.49. If anyone has read it or heard anything about it let me know.


Damian - said...

Alan Kors is on the board of FIRE, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education.

From their website
( )

Alan Charles Kors (Ph.D., Harvard University) teaches European Intellectual History at the University of Pennsylvania, where he is Professor of History and holds the George H. Walker Endowed Term Chair.

Kors has fought for academic freedom since his arrival at the University of Pennsylvania. In 1993, he defended Eden Jacobowitz in the infamous "water buffalo case," which led to the writing of The Shadow University (1998) and to the foundation of FIRE, both with Harvey Silverglate. Kors has been elected four times to University and School Committees on Academic Freedom and Responsibility by his colleagues. He has received two awards for distinguished college teaching and numerous awards for his defense of academic freedom. He has also written and lectured widely on the assault upon liberty and freedom of conscience on America’s campuses.

Kors has published extensively on the conceptual revolutions of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, and produced three taped series on the period for The Teaching Company. He was Editor in Chief of the Oxford Encyclopedia of the Enlightenment (four volumes, 2002). He is married with two children, and lives in suburban Philadelphia.

marco said...

Convinced, i'll send them an email.

Clara said...

When he comes, I hope he tells us the one about the water buffalo. Heh. Whatever that involves.

Clara said...

Holy smokes. The grisly Water Buffalo Affair.

Dan said...

Wow... I clicked on that link and I got completely sucked into that story. Almost an hour later, I still have to write the third of three essays due tomorrow, but what a fucking story!