Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Mr. Walton, tear down this Wal-Mart!

The Nation urges shoppers to rise above greedy self-interest and resist the seduction of Wal-Mart bargains.

It is crucial that Wal-Mart's liberal and progressive critics make use of the growing public indignation at the company over sex discrimination, low pay and other workers' rights issues, but it is equally crucial to do this in ways that remind people that their power does not stop at their shopping dollars. It's admirable to drive across town and pay more for toilet paper to avoid shopping at Wal-Mart, but such a gesture is, unfortunately, not enough. As long as people identify themselves as consumers and nothing more, Wal-Mart wins.

This article also exposes what The Nation gravely calls "Wal-Mart's wefare scam" -- i.e. the store encourages low-income workers to get on welfare, food stamps, the works.

First, a Dem strategist railed against red-state welfare; now The Nation slams Wal-Mart for taking over the job of welfare-and-needy matchmaker. Has the world gone mad?


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