Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Mideast Internet censorship

No, not Syria -- Israel, which shut down "Hebrew Labor," a site that matched Jewish employers with Jewish jobseekers.

I should add that these were employers who hired only Jews.

The site's philosophy is morally repulsive, to be sure -- especially when there are thousands of peaceful Christians and Muslims living as Israeli citizens -- but people have the right to be morally repulsive. Don't they?


Dan said...

Ok so the site is racist. The question is, is this a general trend in Israel, non-Jews not being hired? I hope not, but if it is, then this should be banned. Otherwise, the market is large enough to accomadate the preferences of racists and non-racists alike.

Still though, this almost smells like "racial covenants." Forced upon home buyers in the first half of this century, they created two housing markets in many cities, one for blacks and one for whites. The results were not pretty.

Gotta say, I disagree with the idea, supported by this website, that Arab Israeli citizens are a major threat to the state. I think they have been overwhelmingly peaceful citizens, helped to strengthen the state through cultural contributions, and have proven the bankruptcy of the "zionism=racism" doctrine.

Clara said...

Oh, absolutely. Arabs within Israel have a higher GDP per capita than their counterparts in Muslim countries. They LIKE living there. After the Intifada started, Palestinians were no longer able to travel in and out of Israel to work. Their economy took a huge toll.

Arabs sit in the Knesset and generally have peaceful lives in Israel. Remember that Sbarro's hit by a suicide bomber? Co-owned by a Muslim and a Jew. But yes, Israel, like the US, has its share of nativist bigots... and its portion of peacenik Leftists who go hang out as human shields in the West Bank. I doubt that stupid website reflects the views of the majority.