Monday, December 20, 2004

Licensing Everything

I'm sure Damain will love this.

Strippers in [San Antonio] will soon have to put on something they can't take off -- a business license. The City Council on Friday approved a measure requiring exotic dancers to apply for permits and wear them while performing. Law enforcement authorities said the rule, which was unanimously approved by the 11-member council and goes into effect in 10 days, will allow them to quickly identify those dancers who are breaking nudity ordinances. (Among other things, full nudity and contact with customers are not allowed in San Antonio strip clubs.) ... The permit -- expected to be roughly half the size of a credit card -- would include the dancer's stage name and a photo. Police would be able to check that information against club records to determine her real name and other personal data.


Clara said...

I'm sure the authorities will be conscientious about regular checks.

Damian - said...

I do like the article, but I don't like to see my name misspelled online.