Friday, December 31, 2004

Cry me a cyber-river

In the WSJ, Cameron Stracher wishes we could just turn off all the gadgets and connect with one another, for goodness' sake.

Even city streets, which used to be a veritable Petri dish for communication, are being overrun by headsets and Blue Tooth-enabled cell phones that allow people to walk, talk and chew gum while ignoring everyone around them. Get in a cab, and the driver is chatting away, but not with you. The advent of the Internet has only made matters worse, as children retreat to their rooms to surf the Web and IM their friends, whereas at least there used to be a fighting chance to get them into the family room to watch "Seinfeld."

Annoying, isn't it, that people with radically diverse tastes no longer settle for being on the same communal "page" when there's an alternative that suits them?

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marco said...

We are connected. That is, with the people we want to be connected with. In a time when people are sending 5 billion instant messages a day and sending 60 billion emails a day its hard to say otherwise. We are just more effecient at reaching the people we actually want to be talking to.