Friday, November 12, 2004

"The United States is a leading terrorist state."

Surprise, surprise: Noam Chomsky is coming to Columbia for a lecture on Tuesday 11/16 at in the "president's room" of the Faculty House. Please arrive promptly at 1:00 pm to ask him the hard questions.

Stefan Kanfer has the lowdown on the (appallingly) most-quoted living author:

For Chomsky, turn over any monster anywhere and look at the underside. Each is clearly marked: MADE IN AMERICA. The cold war? All America’s fault: "The United States was picking up where the Nazis had left off." Castro’s executions and prisons filled with dissenters? Irrelevant, for "Cuba has probably been the target of more international terrorism [from the U.S., of course] than any other country." The Khmer Rouge? Back in 1977, Chomsky dismissed accounts of the Cambodian genocide as "tales of Communist atrocities" based on "unreliable" accounts. At most, the executions "numbered in the thousands" and were "aggravated by the threat of starvation resulting from American distraction and killing." In fact, some 2 million perished on the killing fields of Cambodia because of genocidal war against the urban bourgeoisie and the educated, in which wearing a pair of glasses could mean a death sentence.

[Chomsky:] "When you come back from the Third World to the West—the U.S. in particular—you are struck by the narrowing of thought and understanding, the limited nature of legitimate discussion, the separation of people from each other."

One wonders how such an enlightened individual can stand living here, as he has for the past 70-odd years. But then, anti-capitalists never quite get around to leaving the U.S.

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marco said...

If you hate chomsky, check this cite out:

the guy is super smart and thorough when dissecting chomsky's comments