Tuesday, November 23, 2004

That should do it, just a little more money

From today's NYT:

CARTAGENA, Colombia, Nov. 22 - President Bush stopped Monday in one of the less discussed corners of the American battle with terrorists, promising President Álvaro Uribe that he would push Congress to add to the more than $3.3 billion that Washington has spent since 2000 to destroy coca crops and support Colombia's battle against Marxist rebels. "This man's plan is working," Mr. Bush said, pointing to Mr. Uribe, who since taking office in 2002 has become the American president's closest ally in Latin America.

Working, you say, hmm:

Over the past three years, rumors of a new strain of coca have circulated in the Colombian military. The new plant, samples of which are spread out on this table, goes by different names: supercoca, la millonaria. Here in the southern region it's known as Boliviana negra. The most impressive characteristic is not that it produces more leaves - though it does - but that it is resistant to glyphosate. The herbicide, known by its brand name, Roundup, is the key ingredient in the US-financed, billion-dollar aerial coca fumigation campaign that is a cornerstone of America's war on drugs.

Not so surprising when you realize that the US coke habit was worth 35 billion in 2000, that's 10 billion more than Microsoft brought in. Incentives are a real bitch.

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