Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Turns out that the cool Club For Growth has an equally cool blog with which to beat the status quo about the face and neck. A recent outrage:

A Pennsylvania woman who was struck by a train has sued the rail company - for failing to warn her that trains travel on railroad tracks.

Patricia M. Frankhouser filed suit on Nov. 4 seeking damages in excess of $30,000 from Norfolk Southern Corp.

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marco said...

If you like these sort of things check out the daily crickbat over at reason, Recent gem:

A Dog Named Sue (11/11)
A Brazilian legislator wants to make it illegal for people to give their pets names commonly held by people. Reinaldo Santos e Silva says children may get depressed if they find out they share the same name as someone's pet. If the law is passed, pet stores and animal clinics would have to post notices of the law. Those caught violating it would have to pay fines or perform community service.