Sunday, November 07, 2004


"Marriage is sacred--instead of arguing about whether legislatures or courts are going to define it this way or that, it's time we recognized that governments don't have the authority to define it at all. If it's not the place of churches, mosques, and synagogues to pass laws, then it certainly isn't the place of politicians to say what's sacred."


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Francesco said...

There needs to be a clear division of the term marriage between the religious (sacred) aspects and the political / social ones.

If Marriage is a sacred act, it should only be governed, so to speak, by the churchs that adminster those sacriments. They should be the ones to decide what the criterea for marriage is.

On the other hand, the courts should define what "marriage" means in the greater social sphere, but only with regards to all the non religious "benefits" that go along with the act... ie tax breaks, healthcare, etc.

The same laws and benefits should apply to any two people who choose to join themselves legally with a civil union. If these same two people can find a church who will perform the sacrament of marriage for them... then they can be married.