Saturday, November 13, 2004

First they came for the Big Macs

The UK finally cracks down on fearsome babykillers -- like chocolate and potato chips ("crisps").

Junk food adverts will be banished beyond the 9pm watershed [in] an attempt to fight Britain’s obesity crisis, it emerged tonight. A ban during children's TV had been widely expected when the Government produces its health White Paper next week. But Health Secretary Dr John Reid is set to go further after Ofcom figures showed 70% of viewing by children aged four to 15 takes place between 6pm and 9pm.
. . .
Salty soup, breakfast cereal and even fish fingers could be caught up in the ban.

Wouldn't it be simpler just to ban automobiles and bikes, forcing everyone to walk the pounds off? Du-uh.

Oh-- and you're next, smug Segway-people.

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marco said...

All this would be supurvised by a Deptarment of Wellness, of course.